Punkrock band from the Netherlands!

“Foo Fighters and Offspring got married, then divorced, and now their angry child Tusky is asking for attention, well actually, demanding attention!”

TUSKY is a new punk rock band from The Netherlands. The band consists of former John Coffey guitar player Alfred van Luttikhuizen, John Coffey guitar tech Sjors van Reeuwijk, drummer Bas Allein Richir and bass player Christoffer van Teijlingen (surprise: he also played in John Coffey). As you can see it’s one big, happy punk rock family!

TUSKY is all about ENERGY. Punk rock songs played tighter than a pair of speedo briefs. It’s not about complexity, it’s about banging your head, windmill-kicking through the room and just having good, clean fun. The band pays homage to punk and rock music that surfaced in the late nineties and early zeroes.

In March 2018 TUSKY released their debut album Rated Gnar though V2 Records. Check out the Tour Dates section for a show near you!